This is a writeup for the room OhSINT on TryHackMe. OhSINT is a beginner level room that focuses on OSINT.

This was one of my first rooms that I have successfully completed on TryHackMe. It was a pretty simple room that focused on OSINT.


Image we got:


1. What is this users avatar of?

First, I tried to use exiftool to see what properties this image has.


This image seems to be attributed to someone named “OWoodflint”, and I had it just sent to Google to check them out.


And from the results, I can get their Twitter, GitHub and blog. So to answer the first question, the user’s avatar is of a cat!

2. What city is this person in?

I went to dig around their Twitter:


From here, I can get the BSSID for a wifi point near their house. Entering it into, I could get the city they were in.


3. Whats the SSID of the WAP he connected to?

Still on, zooming in into the WAP could give the SSID.


4. What is his personal email address?

I looked around on his blog but didn’t manage to get his email unfortunately, so I went on to the third link, which was his GitHub account.


Which on his page, contains his email!

5. What site did you find his email address on?

Just GitHub!

6. Where has he gone on holiday?

I went back to his blog and found that he was in New York, which was where he had gone on his holiday.


7. What is this persons password?

I was a little confused about this question because the hint was checking the source… BUT! I have a dark reader chrome extension enabled which made me see the password immediately :”) when it is supposed to blend into the white background.



This was quite an interesting room, and I learnt the basic tools to use for OSINT!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.